5 Ways Your Classroom Can Raise Awareness for Kids with Cancer

Raising Awareness & Funds in Class

School is back in session, and whether you’re a teacher or student, you can get your classroom involved in fundraising activities to support local nonprofits like the Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation. Below are five ways to help raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer patients in the classroom


Waffle Breakfast

Host a waffle breakfast for students to fuel them for their day of learning. Last year, TOKC hosted an Annual DoThatOneThing! Waffle Breakfast and was a huge success, raising over $2,500 for pediatric cancer research. Have a station set up where students can make a donation for waffles and decorate them with toppings. For an added bonus, have a waffle decorating competition!


Candy Sale

Selling candy is one of the easiest ways to fundraise for TOKC. You can purchase candy/chocolate in bulk at a store or through a company and resell it at your school. Other healthy alternatives to candy can range from popcorn to granola bars. All these snacks will be a guaranteed hit and are perfect to crave any lingering fits of hunger after lunch or recess.


Wear Orange Day

Offer students the chance to wear orange in place of their normal school dress code to show their support of TOKC. Students will often jump at the chance to take a break from the normal routine and brighten their day with some color. Students wanting to participate can bring a small donation for TOKC so they can rock orange clothes for the day.


Pie a Teacher

Liven up the school year by giving students the chance to pie their favorite teacher. If a certain amount of money is donated, students can pick a teacher to grace with pie in their face. To raise the stakes, offer the chance to pie multiple teachers and even the principal as the students pass multiple donation goals throughout the school year.


Game Day

Set up a game day with outdoor and indoor activities. Students and teachers can purchase a ticket to participate and enjoy a fun afternoon. Offer small prizes to winners to raise the stakes of the games. No doubt that taking a break from the school day to do something fun will get students excited about participating.


However your class chooses to get involved, your donations go directly to advancing life-saving research and treatments for pediatric cancer. To make your fundraising go further, MD Anderson and Texas Children’s Hospital will match donations benefiting TOKC dollar-for-dollar.

Some schools may need a school sanctioned program or organization such as TOKC’s DoThatOneThing! Councils to raise funds. If you would like assistance to help organize your summer fundraiser for TOKC or to establish a school sanctioned program, contact us at 361-883-TOKC or email us at TOKC@TriumphOverKidCancer.org