Pediatric Cancer Research


To date, TOKC has funded over $3 million dollars of research into pediatric cancers through our partnership with M.D Anderson in the Children’s Sarcoma Project. Every dollar we raised was matched dollar for dollar by M.D. Anderson. Research project are selected by a governing committee which includes three doctors from M.D. Anderson and a board member of TOKC.

In 2013, we launched our second major initiative with M.D. Anderson, the of The Childhood Genomic Research And Sequencing Project (GRASP). GRASP is providing funds for whole genome sequencing for pediatric cancers. As with other types of research, little work has been done in whole genome sequencing for pediatric orphan cancers due to the cost, yet genome sequencing is one of the most promising steps to providing key underlying knowledge and understanding into potential pathways to cures.

Thus, TOKC has partnered with M.D. Anderson to launch GRASP which will provide longitudinal whole genome sequencing for childhood cancers. This is an ambitious project which holds great promise for the future. As with the Children’s Sarcoma Initiative, which we will still fund, M.D. Anderson has agreed to match the first $1.5 million dollars for this project dollar for dollar.

We are proud to state that due to hard work by many volunteers, 100% of funds raised go directly to the mission without administrative expenses. Within our two major research initiatives, we have funded the following endeavors: 

1.  Multiple projects targeting pediatric sarcoma (Ewings and Osteo) research through the Children’s Sarcoma Initiative.

2.  The Genomic Research And Sequencing Project for pediatrics – the only longitudinal whole genome sequencing project targeting pediatric cancers.  

3.  We have also funded other research projects targeting vaccines for cancers like Ewings Sarcoma at the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center which show promise and are currently treating children.