"Inspiring College Student with Incurable Cancer Raised Millions for Research: 'The Closer You Get to Death, the More You Want to Live'"

This month, we are highlighting our DoThatOneThing! Initiative. In honor of James and his mission, here are seven small things every single one of us can do to spread love.

Texas Made was an absolute hit! Thank you so much to those that joined us. If you missed it, watch Mecklin's introduction of honoree Sam Susser and his moving speech here.

Mecklin Ragan, Triumph Over Kid Cancer Co-Founder, raises awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by sitting down with Daytime @ 9 host Esteban Solis. Tune in below to see how you can help children with cancer affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

TOKC on San Antonio Living

September 20, 2017

Watch Mecklin Ragan on San Antonio Living as she raises awareness for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and outlines what you can do to support children with cancer that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

What do you think of when you see September pop up on the calendar? Many folks don’t realize that September raises awareness to lots of important causes, including pediatric cancer. That’s right, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

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