Toga Success Story

Scramble / Toga Raises $124,000.00

Who would have thought that so many people could have so much fun doing so much good for so many deserving children. Spurred on by the chance to stop a disease that strikes a thousand bright athletic future leaders and citizens every year, coupled with knowledge that every dollar raised for cancer research was matched by M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to fund research in Pediatric Bone Cancer, the friends of TOKC raised $124,000 at this years toga party and golf tournament.

People came from Chicago, New Orleans, L.A., New Mexico, and every place in between to play golf, dance, learn, help and Toga! Toga! Toga!. The fundraising efforts were energized by incredible donations of diverse auction items – from lavish trips for television appearances in the hit show “The Closer” to the finest bred and trained hunting dogs to trips to New Orleans that included sailing and dinner. Not only did the event provide dollars desperately needed for research into Pediatric Bone Cancer, but it also helped the incredible Sunshine Kids organization.

The challenges children face as a result of their cancer and their cancer treatment range from embarrassment about their physical appearance in front of their peers to an overwhelming fear of terrible pain with no relief but death to the day to day sickness, weight loss and weariness that accompanies every treatment associated with a hope of extending their lives. The existence saps the will power to continue living. Sunshine Kids has stepped in to renew the spirit of these children and give them a brief respite from cancer and its treatment so they have the mental and physical strength to continue treatment. With the help of great philanthropists like ball player Craig Biggio and actor GW Bailey, Sunshine Kids takes pediatric cancer patients on trips to great places where they can relax, be themselves and spend time in a fun environment with other kids going through the same problems they are. On these trips, they get to go to sporting events, museums, restaurants and many other things that they wouldn’t get to do otherwise. While for many people, a trip to a museum or restaurant would be nothing, for kids who live the desperate life of a patient with a potentially terminal cancer, these trips are like a window into a new and different life that gives them hope and strength when they return to their realities.

Consistent with the by laws of the Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation, this year’s Toga Party raised $100,000 for cancer research into Pediatric Bone Cancer that was matched by M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for a total of $200,000 for this neglected research. It also raised $24,000 for the Sunshine Kids. Thanks to all of you who participated in this event whether you were one of James’ classmates who volunteered at the golf tournament or a major financial donor. The success at the end would not have been possible without all of you.

Thank you and God bless!