Charitable Giving with TOKC

Gift Hope to Pediatric Cancer Patients

The holidays are here! During this time we get to express our love through gift giving. How can you make this holiday even more special? Through charitable giving with Triumph Over Kid Cancer!

Give Gifts With a Greater Purpose

Triumph Over Kid Cancer Christmas Ornaments in gold

Through charitable giving, you make a positive impact on the kids and families battling childhood cancer. Your donations and purchases from our shop help fund research to find a cure for pediatric cancer, helping extend the lives of these children and giving them hope for their future.  Here are a couple of our favorite gift ideas which will continue to raise awareness and support for our cause!

  • Christmas Ornaments – create a special holiday memory!
  • Stuffed Animals – a new friend for your little loved one!
  • Stocking Stuffers –phone covers and wristbands as low as $1!

You Get a Tax Deduction

Donations to a qualified charitable organization, like Triumph Over Kid Cancer, are tax-deductible. Learn more about deducting your charitable contribution and don’t forget to file your Form 1040!

You Help Fund Pediatric Cancer Research

All your contributions to Triumph Over Kid Cancer help fund a million dollar project that gives researchers greater insight into pediatric cancer. MD Anderson Cancer Center also matches our funding dollar-for-dollar. This means your support helps find new treatments and ultimately extends the lives of kids with cancer, giving them the chance for even more holidays to come.

Mark some names off your holiday gift list! Shop from our store or give a donation today!