The Sunshine Kids Partner with TOKC

New Partnership for TOKC

JamesTriumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation is proud to announce a new chapter in its relationship with the Sunshine Kids. After being diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 13 in 2006, our co-founder, James Ragan, took many trips with the Sunshine Kids, and learned first-hand the benefits that this organization gives to children. As he got older and his cancer metastasized and worsened, he continued to participate in Sunshine Kids events, but also gave back to the organization by being one of their national spokeskids in 2009. Recently, the Sunshine Kids asked James to make an even greater commitment to children with cancer by serving on the Board of Directors for the Sunshine Kids. James has gladly agreed, and looks forward to the opportunity to help the Sunshine Kids in their efforts to improve the lives of children with cancer. He plans to do everything possible to help Sunshine Kids give young cancer patients the strength, hope and attitude to carry on their fight against this dreaded disease.