Donate to Raise Childhood Cancer Funding

Phase II trial at M.D. Anderson for lung metastasis

The research for this life-changing drug was originally funded by TOKC’s very first project, the Children’s Sarcoma Initiative.

Childhood Cancer Cell Therapy at Texas Children’s Hospital

Immunotherapy has shown promise in treating many adult cancers and we are hoping to make similar gains in pediatric cancers.

We must also continue to raise funds to help increase community awareness and provide immediate relief, respite and JOY to cancer patients and their families through our current programs.

TOKC’s DoThatOneThing! Council

This is a middle school, high school & collegiate program in which students meet, learn about pediatric cancer issues, educate others about those issues and plan and conduct programs to bring joy and fun to kids with cancer and their families.

Meals for Families of Children with Cancer

We provide meals for families through initiatives like our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at Driscoll Children’s Hospital and our monthly dinners at Ronald McDonald House.

TOKC Joy! Events at Children’s Hospitals

We regularly fund events, activities, and bedside visits for pediatric cancer patients at Driscoll Children’s Hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, M.D. Anderson and Ochsner Hospital for Children.

Pledging your Donation "in HONOR/MEMORY of" is a thoughtful way to honor someone whose life has been impacted by pediatric cancer.