TOKC’s DoThatOneThing Holiday Workshop

Our DoThatOneThing Holiday Workshop

TOKC and our DoThatOneThing Councils are ramping up the holiday fun with our holiday workshop!

DoThatOneThing Council at TOKC's Holiday Workshop

This past Saturday, members of the DoThatOneThing Council helped spread the season’s cheer through our holiday workshop. Council members from 10 different schools got together at the First United Methodist Church to use their creativity for a good cause. These holiday helpers spent their time decorating miniature Christmas trees, stockings, and Hannukkah banners. In the spirit of giving, every decoration was gifted to kids with cancer in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Houston. This display of generosity helped raise awareness for childhood cancers, an essential first step to ending its influence over our children’s lives. Most notably, this show of kindness helped raise the spirits of the kids and families battling pediatric cancer during this holiday season.  This goes to show the amazing and life-changing impact that volunteering can have on the lives of kids with cancer.


TOKC would also like to recognize all of our sponsors that have helped us throughout the year. Each and every one has helped advance funding for childhood cancer research. With every dollar, we are one step closer to increasing the survivability of pediatric cancer. We would like to make a special thank you to HEB’s Tournament of Champions for their continued spirit of giving.


Still haven’t had your fill of good feelings? Check out KIII-TV’s coverage of our holiday workshop here!