Spread the Love with TOKC

Spread the Love

We at TOKC work hard year-round to show our love for our community and the children that we fight to save. In honor of valentine season, we invite you to help share the love with TOKC in these simple ways:


Make a Patient Your Valentine

Help lift their spirits by making a pediatric cancer patient your valentine. Write a letter, get some holiday candy and deliver them to a patient and watch their face light up with love! For information on patients to make your valentine, please contact us.


Fundraise the Love

You can help spread the love by fundraising for TOKC in your community. Plan an event or sell valentine – themed items to raise funds for TOKC and our mission. Here are some helpful starters:

  • Host a community couples party dinner party with admission benefiting TOKC
  • Sell chocolates and flowers to benefit TOKC
  • Sell love cards and poems that benefit TOKC


Donate in the Name of a Loved One

This year make donations to TOKC in the name of your valentine. Together, you and your significant other can commit to sharing your love with those in need. Any amount helps make our mission a possibility.


We have an endless amount of love to give and there are countless ways it can be expressed. Take this valentine season to help TOKC spread the love to pediatric cancer patients.

New Year, New Triumph

Ringing in the New Year with TOKC

New Year, New Triumph in white lettering on blue background with gold streamers

January is all about making positive progress. This year, our New Year’s resolution is to raise more awareness and funding for pediatric cancer than ever before. But we need your help. By committing your resolutions to TOKC, together we can accomplish a greater purpose by helping those battling pediatric cancer!

How to Help:

So you’ve decided to commit your resolution to our cause. But where do you start? Here are some helpful, simple suggestions to get the ball rolling:

  1. Donate

Donations don’t have to be big to make a difference. Try donating a week’s worth of coffee purchases every couple of months. Any amount helps fund research into pediatric cancer.

  1. Volunteer

Try trading a few hours of T.V. a month and volunteer for TOKC. Not only does it help raise awareness, it’s a lot of fun too! Check out some of our recent volunteer work.

  1. Fundraise

Renew some of your forgotten weekend hobbies into fundraising efforts for TOKC! With everything from toga parties to lemonade stands, there countless ways to help a great cause.

Some resolutions are hard to make stick. But with TOKC, your effort won’t be wasted. Choose to make your New Year’s resolution with Triumph Over Kid Cancer and make an everlasting change in the lives of pediatric cancer patients.

5 Ways to Give Joy This Holiday with TOKC

#DoThatOneThing for Kids with Cancer

Christmas is the time of year we can lift the spirits of those who need it most. Here are 5 ways to #DoThatOneThing and bring joy to pediatric cancer patients.

  1. Send a card or letter to a pediatric cancer patient

Kids with cancer suffer both isolation from their family and physical effects of their disease. A simple letter can help brighten their holiday. You can make a difference by sending letters to TOKC at 723 Coleman Ave, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401.

  1. Learn about pediatric cancer

Simply learning about pediatric cancer helps raise awareness for these diseases and allows you to become the voice patients can’t provide on their own. Here are helpful links to get started:

  1. Organize your own fundraiser with TOKC

You can bring joy to kids with cancer this holiday by organizing your own fundraiser with TOKC. From golf tournaments to toga parties, there is always exciting ways to volunteer and we’re here to help every step of the way!

  1. Charitable giving to support pediatric cancer research

Big or small, donations are essential to increase the survivability of pediatric cancer. Also, the TOKC shop is filled with gifts that give back, with proceeds going directly back to research funding.

  1. Volunteer with TOKC to raise awareness

Volunteering your time is a great way to help kids with cancer. TOKC believes it’s the Texas communities that help drive the success of our foundation. Email TOKC to have your name added to our volunteer list!


Even better, all monies raised through charitable giving and volunteering in benefit of TOKC is matched dollar-for-dollar! So, take today to #DoThatOneThing and spread joy to children with cancer!

Charitable Giving with TOKC

Gift Hope to Pediatric Cancer Patients

The holidays are here! During this time we get to express our love through gift giving. How can you make this holiday even more special? Through charitable giving with Triumph Over Kid Cancer!

Give Gifts With a Greater Purpose

Triumph Over Kid Cancer Christmas Ornaments in gold

Through charitable giving, you make a positive impact on the kids and families battling childhood cancer. Your donations and purchases from our shop help fund research to find a cure for pediatric cancer, helping extend the lives of these children and giving them hope for their future.  Here are a couple of our favorite gift ideas which will continue to raise awareness and support for our cause!

  • Christmas Ornaments – create a special holiday memory!
  • Stuffed Animals – a new friend for your little loved one!
  • Stocking Stuffers –phone covers and wristbands as low as $1!

You Get a Tax Deduction

Donations to a qualified charitable organization, like Triumph Over Kid Cancer, are tax-deductible. Learn more about deducting your charitable contribution and don’t forget to file your Form 1040!

You Help Fund Pediatric Cancer Research

All your contributions to Triumph Over Kid Cancer help fund a million dollar project that gives researchers greater insight into pediatric cancer. MD Anderson Cancer Center also matches our funding dollar-for-dollar. This means your support helps find new treatments and ultimately extends the lives of kids with cancer, giving them the chance for even more holidays to come.

Mark some names off your holiday gift list! Shop from our store or give a donation today!



TOKC’s DoThatOneThing Holiday Workshop

Our DoThatOneThing Holiday Workshop

TOKC and our DoThatOneThing Councils are ramping up the holiday fun with our holiday workshop!

DoThatOneThing Council at TOKC's Holiday Workshop

This past Saturday, members of the DoThatOneThing Council helped spread the season’s cheer through our holiday workshop. Council members from 10 different schools got together at the First United Methodist Church to use their creativity for a good cause. These holiday helpers spent their time decorating miniature Christmas trees, stockings, and Hannukkah banners. In the spirit of giving, every decoration was gifted to kids with cancer in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Houston. This display of generosity helped raise awareness for childhood cancers, an essential first step to ending its influence over our children’s lives. Most notably, this show of kindness helped raise the spirits of the kids and families battling pediatric cancer during this holiday season.  This goes to show the amazing and life-changing impact that volunteering can have on the lives of kids with cancer.


TOKC would also like to recognize all of our sponsors that have helped us throughout the year. Each and every one has helped advance funding for childhood cancer research. With every dollar, we are one step closer to increasing the survivability of pediatric cancer. We would like to make a special thank you to HEB’s Tournament of Champions for their continued spirit of giving.


Still haven’t had your fill of good feelings? Check out KIII-TV’s coverage of our holiday workshop here!

Sausage Sale to Support Children’s Cancer Foundation

A Savory Treat to Support TOKC

It was only a few short years ago that Mr. Sanchez lost his granddaughter, Elissa, to pediatric cancer. AlthElissa Longriaough he has endured suffering from his loss, he is fighting back in the best way he knows how. This year, Mr. Sanchez is going to #DoThatOneThing and raise funds for Triumph Over Kid Cancer by selling his very own summer sausage and jerky.

Mr. Sanchez knew that he wanted to do something in honor and memory of Elissa. He also knew that he wanted to take action against incurable childhood cancers like the one that took his beloved granddaughter. In the words of Mr. Sanchez, cancer doesn’t sleep, “so I don’t either”. As a result, Mr. Sanchez got to work, spending his free time prepping, cooking and packaging his Summer sausage to be sold during the holiday season.

Only USDA certified pork roast and beef is used for all of the summer sausage and jerky. In addition, 100% of the proceeds go directly to TOKC to help better the lives of kids with cancer.


Summer Sausage is available in the following:

  • 3 lb link for $45.00
  • 1/2 link for $23.00
  • 1/3 link for $15.00

Jerky comes in both turkey and beef at $10.00 per 5oz bag.

If you would like to place an order and help in the fight against children’s cancer please call or email your order to:

  • 361-883-8652
  • TOKC@triumphoverkidcancer.org




NFL ‘My Cause, My Cleats’ Honors James Ragan & TOKC

NFL My Cause, My Cleats Honors TOKC

The NFL My Cause, My Cleats initiative will honor Triumph Over Kid Cancer and our co-founder, James Ragan, on one of America’s largest stages – Sunday night football. Thomas Morstead, New Orleans Saints punter, has chosen our pediatric cancer foundation as his charitable cause of choice, giving TOKC a national stage to help raise awareness for childhood cancer.

My Cause, My Cleats is an initiative undertaken by the NFL permitting players to show support for charitable causes on the field. In effect, players are able to combine their humanitarian spirit with their love for the game. Each participating player helps create a uniquely designed cleat featuring a charity of their choice. Players will sport their charitable cleats during week 13 of the regular season.

New Orleans Saints Punter Thomas Morstead Holding his cleats for the My Cause, My Cleats campaign featuring Triumph Over Kid Cancer

In addition, profile cards and an auction will work hand in hand with the initiative to raise even more awareness and funds for charitable organizations, including Triumph Over Kid Cancer. With the auction, players cleats will be available for bidding with all proceeds going to the player’s selected charity. 

Among the 500 players sporting their charitable cleats will be Thomas Morstead, punter for the New Orleans Saints. Morstead has chosen to display Triumph Over Kid Cancer and our co-founder, James Ragan, for his charity of choice this year. The seasoned punter is a huge supporter of TOKC and our mission to improve the lives of children with cancer. In fact, he has worked with us in the past for various events and was recently a guest at our Annual Big Easy Fundraiser.

Just like James, Morstead is committed to improving the lives of others. He is dedicated to continuing James’ legacy, now both on and off the field, which is why TOKC was his charity of choice for this initiative. Morstead believes that, together, we can raise the awareness and funds needed for research into ending childhood cancer.

You can get a close up of Morstead’s charity cleats on Sunday, December 3rd when they take on the Carolina Panthers at 3:25 PM.

#GivingTuesday with TOKC

#GivingTuesday with TOKC

While events surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday seem to be consumer driven, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday gives you the option to indulge in the well-being of others! #GivingTuesday is a social media driven holiday that provides multiple nonprofit organizations a national push for donations.

Take part in #GivingTuesday by supporting the TOKC cause in funding pediatric cancer research. Donated funds provide a financial resource for researchers to gain in depth insight to understanding new pediatric cancer treatments and potentially effective cures.

Today we are striving to reach $50,000 and every dollar will be matched!

Your donations during #GivingTuesday will continue to fuel our mission of pediatric education, research and contributing to the happiness of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Participate in #GivingTuesday by donating HERE!

Seven ways YOU can DoThatOneThing!

Seven ways YOU can DoThatOneThing!

This month, Triumph Over Kid Cancer is recognizing three new high schools during our DoThatOneThing! Initiative. King High School in Kingsville, as well as West Oso and London High Schools in Corpus Christi, have all recently established DoThatOneThing! Councils on campus to promote kindness, generosity, accountability, and compassion amongst the student bodies.

These high school students embodying kindness and random empathy for others are an inspiration. We want to remind you that you don’t have to be a student at one of the aforementioned high schools to go out of your way to pay the kindness forward.

Here are seven small things every single one of us can do to improve someone else’s day or spread happiness and kindness.

  1. Visit patients in the hospital.
    Though it may be uncomfortable, visiting a sick friend or family member in hospital really could make a difference to their day to day – and ultimately their health. Uplifted spirits and positive emotions have been proven to help the recovery process. Whether you come bearing flowers, a gift, or just a funny joke, the company is sure to be appreciated.
  2. Buy a meal or item for the person behind you in the drive-through.
    One of the most pleasant surprises in the world is when you pull up to the drive-through window, only to be told that your meal has been covered by the car in front of you. The real genius of this gesture is that it encourages the next person to keep the trend going, creating a whole day of generosity.
  3. Insert coins to refill someone’s parking meter.
    You don’t have to be bad at 1st – grade math to miscalculate or even forget about pesky parking meters. If you have a bunch of extra change clattering around in a wallet or purse, you could turn that bulge into something beautiful. By filling a parking meter, you could save someone from a costly ticket. Although they won’t be there to thank you, they will definitely be thankful.
  4. Walk a neighbor’s dog.
    Dogs can be expensive and even time-consuming. But, don’t let these reasons stop you from bonding with man’s best friend. You can make someone’s day and score some quality time with an adorable pup by offering to walk the neighbor’s dog. Who knows? It could even spark a wonderful friendship.
  5. Befriend the new kid at school or the new employee at work.
    Everyone’s been there. It can be very daunting and even a bit scary to commute to a new place every day. One of the easiest ways to enjoy a smooth transition is to make friends with classmates or colleagues early on. Put yourself in the new guy/girl’s shoes and go make a friend. Talk with them about their interests, their past, and what brings them into town. It will make them feel welcome and turn an awkward first day into the beginning of a wonderful new year.
  6. Help an elderly person cross the street.
    There’s no big reason or hidden motivation behind this one. Sometimes it’s just nice to offer a helping hand. Or arm. It’s impossible to help an elderly person without a smile appearing on your face. Pay forward the kindness.
  7. Remember to always be mindful of those with disabilities.
    Whether they are in a wheelchair, on crutches, or struggle with other disabilities, it’s crucial to always be kind and considerate to those in different situations than our own. It’s often easy to overlook others when you are in a rush, but taking a moment to hold the door open or lend a helping hand can make a huge difference.

Regardless of how you express compassion, always remember to #DoThatOneThing! If everyone did just one of these things weekly, imagine how much brighter our world would be. It’s time to triumph!

Texas Made 2017 – Children’s Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

In Case You Missed It...Texas Made 2017

Texas Made was an absolute hit! Pat Green and Kyle Park put on quite the show. The real show stopper, though, was Sam Susser’s involvement in Triumph Over Kid Cancer and the Ragan’s continued efforts to positively impact the lives of those with cancer.

Thank you so much to those that joined us. If you missed it, watch Mecklin’s introduction of honoree Sam Susser and his moving speech here.