Reasons Giving to TOKC is So Needed This Year!

Reasons Giving to TOKC is So Needed This Year!


“Through unity of purpose and great efforts, we can accomplish more than we believe!”  Those inspirational words from co-founder James Ragan are our rallying cry as we continue to face the side effects of the pandemic.  Though a challenging year, 2021 marked a milestone for us as the Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation surpassed the $4 million dollar mark in funds raised for our mission!  Because of your generous giving, more than $4 million dollars has been invested into pediatric cancer research since the inception of the Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation in 2010, all of which has been matched by the researching institutions.

Despite this monumental accomplishment, so much more still needs to be done. James began the mission of finding better cancer treatments for children when he saw the big funding gap firsthand.  Only four percent of federal research dollars go to improving therapies for children with cancer.

By giving a financial gift this Holiday Season, you will help fund a Phase II clinical trial at M.D. Anderson for lung metastasis and a Childhood Cancer Cell Therapy Program at Texas Children’s Hospital.  Each of these projects has the potential to create major breakthroughs in the treatment and cure of multiple pediatric cancers. In honor of your contribution, each benefitting institution will also match your donation, dollar for dollar!  We have come so far and have seen results, that’s why we cannot lose momentum now.

Donations and giving of time by volunteers allows us to not only support efforts to find a cure, but also to continue raising public awareness about the issues facing families with a child affected by cancer. The “DoThatOneThing!” Council, a community service organization started by TOKC in high schools across Corpus Christi and surrounding areas, has been very active in its social media campaign, “Sticking It to Cancer.”  Financial support also helps us bring joy and cheer to cancer patients by providing Thanksgiving meals for their families, as well as delivering Christmas gifts and decorating the rooms of young patients. 

None of this would be possible without your generosity!  Please remember us as you make your end of year donations. Every financial gift brings us closer to our goal of better treatments for the one child every two minutes who hears the words “you have cancer.” By doubling your donations through our partnerships with M.D. Anderson and Texas Children’s Hospital, we are carrying on James’ optimistic and galvanizing words through our work at TOKC.

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