Spread the Love with TOKC

Spread the Love

We at TOKC work hard year-round to show our love for our community and the children that we fight to save. In honor of valentine season, we invite you to help share the love with TOKC in these simple ways:


Make a Patient Your Valentine

Help lift their spirits by making a pediatric cancer patient your valentine. Write a letter, get some holiday candy and deliver them to a patient and watch their face light up with love! For information on patients to make your valentine, please contact us.


Fundraise the Love

You can help spread the love by fundraising for TOKC in your community. Plan an event or sell valentine – themed items to raise funds for TOKC and our mission. Here are some helpful starters:

  • Host a community couples party dinner party with admission benefiting TOKC
  • Sell chocolates and flowers to benefit TOKC
  • Sell love cards and poems that benefit TOKC


Donate in the Name of a Loved One

This year make donations to TOKC in the name of your valentine. Together, you and your significant other can commit to sharing your love with those in need. Any amount helps make our mission a possibility.


We have an endless amount of love to give and there are countless ways it can be expressed. Take this valentine season to help TOKC spread the love to pediatric cancer patients.