What Will Your Legacy Be?

Ten Ways to Give

TOKC’s legacy of funding pediatric cancer research has been built through the generosity of our supporters and donors! Friends and Funhavers like you have made important advances possible since our founding in 2010.

Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation began with a mission to improve the lives of children with cancer by raising their spirits, driving public awareness, and funding research to advance the treatment and survivability of pediatric cancer. So far, we have supported major medical research, with more planned!

All gifts to TOKC can be made in honor or in memory of a loved one.  Donations are matched dollar for dollar and can be customized to align with your charitable goals and intentions creating a life-saving legacy.

There are many ways to give. We have listed ten of the most popular below:

Monetary or Cash Gifts Donate by check, credit card payment online or through a donor-advised fund.

Monthly Giving Programs Make a gift go further with an automatic recurring donation from your credit card or bank account.  Click here to get started.

Workplace Giving Programs Give through a payroll deduction with your company’s Matching Gift Program and/or Employee Giving Program.

Amazon Smile Support cancer research when shopping on Amazon by signing up to participate in Amazon Smile. The online retailer will donate 0.5% of your purchase to TOKC. Click here to sign up.

Estate & Financial Planning Tools: 

Bank Accounts  Accounts at your bank or credit union can be the source of gifts through a payable on death designation.

Stock and Mutual Funds  These may be given through transfer on death (TOD) designations.

Retirement Accounts  Distributions for tax-deferred retirement accounts are subject to federal income tax but are not taxed when given to a charity.

Life Insurance  Naming TOKC as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy is an easy way to make a gift.

Real Estate  If your state allows TOD deeds for real estate, this can be a satisfying way to make a meaningful gift.

Donor-Advised Funds These tax-deductible funds are an important way to support organizations like TOKC.  They allow you to make contributions in the current tax year and later choose how and when to make a gift to charity.

Knowing the law can help make your donation go further. The following tips can make a big difference:

Appreciated Stock: If you own stock that is worth more than what you originally invested, a gift of appreciated stock held more than one year can:

  • Eliminate or reduce capital gains taxes
  • Generate a significant income tax charitable deduction for those who itemize
  • Provide a tax-wise way to meet philanthropic goals

Planning Tip #1: To avoid capital gains tax on a gift of appreciated stock, the stock must be transferred directly to TOKC.  If you sell the stock and then make a gift of cash, you still pay capital gains tax on the stock’s appreciation.

Planning Tip #2: A deduction for a charitable contribution of non-cash property (such as a stock) is limited to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income in a single year.  However, should your gift exceed this annual limit, you can carry over the excess deduction for five years.

Please consult a tax professional for further assistance.  For more information on how to donate to TOKC please call 361-883-TOKC (8652) or email at TOKC@triumphoverkidcancer.org.  Our mailing address is 723 Coleman Avenue, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401.

Be sure to consult your tax and financial advisors when considering any planned gift.