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Your Donation goes to help raise funds to try to improve treatment and survivability of Pediatric Cancer. The vast majority of our proceeds go to fund research through M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital, which MATCHES those funds Dollar for Dollar. All funds are used for Pediatric Cancer research. The first 1.5 million dollars we raised funded the Children’s Sarcoma Initiative. That project is administered by a committee to solicit new research ideas in this area and fund those most likely to lead to progress. Our current project is the Pediatric Genomic Research And Sequencing Project or GRASP.  This second 1.5 million dollar project will pay for longitudinal whole genome sequencing on all pediatric melanoma, medulloblastoma and bone cancer tumors removed at M.D. Anderson.  This data will be used to create a database of pediatric cancer genome sequencing available for analysis on their IBM Watson computer.  

We believe that this database will provide researchers the insight and understanding of pediatric cancer necessary to find new treatments and effective cures.  Also, because early diagnosis greatly improves prognosis, TOKC works on educational efforts to increase awareness in parents and their pediatricians of pediatric cancer’s signs and symptoms. Finally, since the life of pediatric cancer patients is so difficult, we continue to hold pediatric cancer patient activities to bring some brief periods of happiness to the lives of these children.

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