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Your Donation goes to help raise funds to help improve treatment and survivability of Pediatric Cancer. The vast majority of our proceeds will go to fund a Phase II trial at M.D. Anderson for lung metastasis – a drug whose original research was funded by TOKC’s very first project, the Children’s Sarcoma Initiative – and a Childhood Cancer Cell Therapy at Texas Children’s Hospital.  Immunotherapy has shown promise in treating many adult cancers and we are hoping to make similar gains in pediatric cancers.   Each of these projects has the potential to create major breakthroughs in the treatment and cure of multiple orphan pediatric cancers.  The funds received by each institution are matched Dollar for Dollar by that institution.  Your contribution will help us get a little closer!

These past few years, thanks to your help, we have made much progress. In 2017 we completed the $1.5 million pledge for the Genomic Research and Sequencing Project for Pediatric – or G.R.A.S.P. – which was matched by MD Anderson, and today they are compiling longitudinal whole genome sequencing data on several pediatric cancers.  Researchers can use that data to advance their understanding of pediatric cancer and develop more effective treatments. To date, TOKC has raised more than $3 million for pediatric cancer research, which has since been matched, DOLLAR for DOLLAR.

We are also continuing our work on projects to raise public awareness of pediatric cancer issues. We have our DoThatOneThing! Council program, a community service organization, in schools throughout Corpus Christi, Texas and surrounding areas. Finally, since the life of pediatric cancer patients is so difficult, we continue to hold pediatric cancer patient activities to bring some brief periods of happiness to the lives of these children.

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