Meet TOKC’s 2018 James’ Wingman!

Meet TOKC's 2018 James' Wingman!

In 2014, Triumph Over Kid Cancer created the James’ Wingman Program. Each year, our foundation adopts a kid to be the face of childhood cancer for TOKC — a child who reminds us why we do the work that we do. The program’s purpose is to make sure that the next time there was a child with cancer, their story wouldn’t end the same way James’ did.


Emma’s battle with childhood cancer started at birth. At 1 day old, she was transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital with a large mass that deformed her chest. At just 6 days old, Emma underwent a biopsy that uncovered the daunting truth of her sickness. Emma was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare variant of childhood cancer. She soon underwent chemo treatment for months, along with another resection 6 months into her treatment. Finally, she was able to finish her first protocol in early May 2018.


In spite of all of this, Emma and her family remain positive and hopeful for her future. She is a fighter whose courage inspires the passion our foundation was built upon. This is why we pledge to the Childhood Cancer Cell Therapy Program at Texas Children’s Hospital and a Phase II trial for lung metastases at M.D. Anderson. Each of these projects has the potential to create major breakthroughs in the treatment and cure of multiple orphan pediatric cancers, with funds received being matched by the institution. With these advancements, we hope to provide Emma with the treatment that gives her hope for a brighter future.


We are very excited that Emma and her family have chosen to join the TOKC family.


If you’d like more information on how you can help Emma Turner and our foundation, contact us here or donate here