16th Annual Triumph Scramble & Toga Party Sponsor Packages Now Available

16th Annual Triumph Scramble & Toga Party Sponsor Packages Now Available

Hello Friends,

It’s time once again for that tradition unlike any other – the 16th Annual James A. Ragan Triumph Scramble and Toga Party! This year, our honorary starter will be our very own James’ Wingman Andrew Ross! As you may recall Scottie Scheffler and his wife, Meredith, made a very generous donation to TOKC to bring joy to kids with cancer through golf. Out of that incredible donation, TOKC’s Scottie’s Heroes program was born and Scottie and Meredith will soon start personally distributing the golf clubs to kids with cancer as they travel for tournaments. And Andrew will be teeing off with his Scottie’s Heroes clubs! This year we play on the newly redesigned and rebuilt golf course at the Corpus Christi Country Club, while we help young kids with cancer and their families. Yes, they continue to face the reality of pediatric cancer every day. In fact, following the COVID pandemic, they face more challenges as there continues to be limited access to certain resources in hospitals. James once said, “I know we haven’t cured pediatric cancer yet.

I know we may not cure it this year. We may not even cure it while I am alive. But because I know you all, and because I have seen your energy, commitment and generosity, I know that with our continued efforts there will come a time when these parties are simply celebrations of the end of a terrible childhood disease that plagued families in this country for decades until we took a stand.” And like James, these kids remain hopeful for their own futures, because you and others like you continue working to help them.

“We have an old saying in Delta House – don’t get mad, get even!” It makes me think of James – Even though there were good and bad days, James would always “Do That One thing” to get even with cancer – dedicating time to raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research in our community, advocating on behalf of kids with cancer to CPRIT, and trying to help his friends. James’ Wingmen – Hannah, Robby, Myles, Andrew, Emma, Asher, Julian, Christian, and Posey – despite the challenges they continue to face from their past treatments or because they are still going through treatment, still take the time to help those in a worse situation than they are. They still Do That One Thing!

Whether you are new to this fight or have been with us for the last 16 years, thank you for also doing that one thing to get even with cancer! You are supporting ground-breaking and innovative research projects at MD Anderson and Texas Children’s Hospital. You are easing the lives of kids with cancer and their families through our Rally for Kids program, which helps them with necessities (school supplies, fuel to get to and from treatment, access to programs to help with medication) and other things to help make their daily lives as smooth and normal as possible. All weekend long you will see high school students from our #DoThatOneThing! Councils who volunteer to help make it all possible. More importantly, they run fun outdoor activities for cancer kids like kite flying parties and craft parties in local parks. They work throughout the year to raise awareness for pediatric cancer amongst their peers and bring joy to the daily lives of kids with cancer. It’s elementary school students who come together to help their friends with cancer and raise money for pediatric cancer research through carnation sales around Valentines’ Day or selling vouchers to get out of wearing their required school uniform for a day. It is incredible to see every one of us getting even with cancer through positive action, energy, and resources, and giving kids with cancer and their families hope and joy in their fight.

We hope you will join in the celebration at the newly renovated Corpus Christi Country Club golf course! This year, you will notice that, for the first time since 2010, we have increased in our sponsorship and golf team prices. With price hikes and inflation, it was important for us to make some changes, but that being said, we cannot think of a better reason or cause than to help kids with cancer! As always, the great golf will only be rivaled by the fun, food, drinks, swag and prizes. We’ll also have the privilege to welcome our newest 2023 James’ Wingman into the fold!

Fighting cancer can be exhausting and frustrating. But now is not the time to get mad – it’s time to get even! So, join us in getting even with pediatric cancer at Golf and Toga! Let’s show kids with cancer and their families that we are all in their corner, working to bring them hope for a better future and joy to their daily lives, so that, one day, we can say pediatric cancer stopped with James.

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