Celebrating the Triumphs of DTOT! Graduating Seniors

Celebrating our DTOT! Graduates

Graduation season is around the corner, and we cannot help but celebrate our graduating DoThatOneThing! Council members!

Despite busy school schedules, these high school seniors have selflessly spent countless hours fighting pediatric cancer and making a difference in the community. Whether they are gifting presents to patients at local hospitals or volunteering at our events, these kids express a level of kindness and generosity that changes lives.


Back in April at our annual DTOT! Council banquet, the students presented us with a check for $3,390. The triumph of their fundraising efforts puts our foundation one step closer to advancing innovative new treatments for pediatric cancer.


Now, we get the chance to recognize their academic success, presenting a total of 173 chords to graduating senior council members throughout the month of May. Our students reach across 9 different Corpus Christi high schools including: Foy H. Moody High School, Incarnate Word Academy, W. B. Ray High School, Veterans Memorial High School, Richard King High School, London ISD, Mary Carroll High School, H.M. King High School and Roy Miller High School.

Some of our DTOT! Council members were given scholarships as a special way to thank them for going above and beyond in their support of TOKC. The James A. Ragan Humanitarian Award and the James & Mecklin Ragan Award for Courage are meant to recognize and celebrate our students’ academic success and dedication to James’ vision.

TOKC is thankful for everything our DTOT! Council members helped accomplish. We congratulate them and know that they will continue to do that one thing wherever they go next!


The DTOT! Councils are generously sponsored by H-E-B Tournament of Champions.

Scholarship recipients are listed below. Asterisk indicates scholarships awarded by the Hicks, Layton and Ragan Families. All other scholarships were donated by H-E-B- Tournament of Champions.


The James A. Ragan Humanitarian Award

The James & Mecklin Ragan Award for Courage

Ashleigh Barrera

Eleanor McClanahan*

Emily Clower

Gilbert Trevino

Lauren Solis

Raquel Longoria

Sarah Marsh

Shelby Rivera

Alicia Gomez

Christiana Bocanegra*

Jeremiah Guy-Williams

Jolea Cortez

Landen Ross

Tyler Johnson




Cord recipients are listed below:


Foy H. Moody High School

Abigail Reyna

Alyssa Salinas

Andrew Lichtenberger

Angelita Garcia

Audrianna Lopez

David Garza

Dominik Lopez

Gisselle Velasquez

Isaiah DeLeon

Jacob Flores

Jeremiah Guy-Williams, President

Jessica Castro

Jessica Poncedeleon

JT Ramos

Kacie Rodriguez

Kimberly Silva

Madelyn Perez

Mariah Valadez

Martha Flores

Matthew Villanueva

Micaela Cosio

Nicholas Sepeda

Noah Morales

Pauline Cornejo

Saul Olachia

Sean Polanco

Serenity Godfretsen-Moss

Shelby Rivera, President

Vivian Rodriguez

Xavier Saenz

H.M. King High School

Raquel Longoria, President

Incarnate Word Academy

Abby Sheets

Ashley Elliot

Ava Constant, President

Diego Elizondo

Eleanor McClanahan

Evan Pangelinean

Gabby Ward, President

Jack Harrison

Joelle Francois

Joyce Hunsaker

Kelly Cortes

Madi Leeves

Mary-Ann Fergie

Molly Floods

Oliver Nguyen

Remy Ellison

Sarah Cummins

King High School

Desiree Pinson

Lauren Solis, President

Landen Ross, President

London ISD

Alexandra Chavez

Bella Igwe

Dalton Rives

Emily Clower, President

Katelyn Ashley

Skye Valdez

Mary Carroll High School

Alyssa Montez

Derek Curtis, President

Ginger Lingo

Hannah Soliz

Iris Gonzales

Jolea Cortez, President

Kaitlyn Rosales

Karina Mateo

Lauren Gonzales

Mario Rodriguez

Nia Jacobs

Paola Martinez

Serena Benavidez

Serenity Lopez

Tahle Lezama

Miller High School

Britney Garcia

Cecilia Villarreal

Cosme Morales

Destinee Garcia

Estevan Portules

Ezequiel Cuestas

Gilbert Trevino, President

Krystle Fernandez

Mireya Guerro

Monique Rendon

Nicholas Bocanegra

Samantha Sorola

Yareli Villa









Ray High School

Alexis Peck

Analise Salinas

Anthony Tedesco

Belle Curiel

Carlos Davila Jr

Chase Cortese, President

Dominique Benameau

Hyatt Rachidy

Isaiah Soliz

Joanna Jaramillo

Jordan Pulido

Juan De la Garza

Kevin Beckwith

Lauren Roman

Lorenzo Leal

Luis Martinez

Malina Hok

Mateo Alcoser

Mia Ramon

Michael Morales

Miranda Moreno

Nikhil Kulkarni

Olivia Nava

Sabrina Macias

Sam Susser, President

Sarah Marsh, President

Tyler Johnson

Vanessa Garza

Vanessa Vasquez

Veterans Memorial High School

Aj Correa

Alicia Gomez, President

Allison Dibble

Alyssa Carr

Andrew Leeton

Angel Galang

Angelica Rivas

Annabella Sanchez

Antonio Noyola – Alaniz

Ariel Bustamante

Ashleigh Barrera, President

Austin Adrian

Brian Torres

Briana Ruiz

Brianna Garza

Brianna Salazar

Camryn Rivera

Clarissa Zavala

Corinne Carbajal

Cyann Cantu

David Mihalco

Denise Lopez

Destiny Sullivan

Emily Hewlett

Ethan Walsh

Faith Flores

Frances Sissamis

Harold Baker

Holly Tamez

Jasmine Garza

Jayden Olivo

Jennifer Truong

John Longoria

Jonathan Camacho

Josh Alvarez

Kelsey Randol

Koribeth Y.

Laryah Johnson

Lauren Garcia

Lauren Leal

Lauren Peterson

Maddie Guerra

Malaina Enholm

Marina Gatica

Marisa Sepulveda

Marissa Corona

Mehul Patel

Mia Vera

Michelle Nasser – S

Preslee Fuller

Rhianna Majek

Sabrina Gonzalez

Sarah Villarreal

Skylar Salinas

Tairah Carter

Taylor Martinez

Tiffany Reyes

Vanessa Montalvo

Victoria Valverde

Zerique Perez

Zoe Baker

Zoe Piperis

Zoya Surani








Meet TOKC’s 2018 James’ Wingman!

Meet TOKC's 2018 James' Wingman!

In 2014, Triumph Over Kid Cancer created the James’ Wingman Program. Each year, our foundation adopts a kid to be the face of childhood cancer for TOKC — a child who reminds us why we do the work that we do. The program’s purpose is to make sure that the next time there was a child with cancer, their story wouldn’t end the same way James’ did.


Emma’s battle with childhood cancer started at birth. At 1 day old, she was transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital with a large mass that deformed her chest. At just 6 days old, Emma underwent a biopsy that uncovered the daunting truth of her sickness. Emma was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare variant of childhood cancer. She soon underwent chemo treatment for months, along with another resection 6 months into her treatment. Finally, she was able to finish her first protocol in early May 2018.


In spite of all of this, Emma and her family remain positive and hopeful for her future. She is a fighter whose courage inspires the passion our foundation was built upon. This is why we pledge to the Childhood Cancer Cell Therapy Program at Texas Children’s Hospital and a Phase II trial for lung metastases at M.D. Anderson. Each of these projects has the potential to create major breakthroughs in the treatment and cure of multiple orphan pediatric cancers, with funds received being matched by the institution. With these advancements, we hope to provide Emma with the treatment that gives her hope for a brighter future.


We are very excited that Emma and her family have chosen to join the TOKC family.


If you’d like more information on how you can help Emma Turner and our foundation, contact us here or donate here


3 Reasons to Volunteer for TOKC


DoThatOneThing! Members Holiday Workshop

Without our amazing volunteers and DoThatOneThing! members, TOKC wouldn’t be able to make the impact we do for the children we serve. They walk alongside kids during a time of unimaginable difficulty and selflessly devote their time towards a greater cause

Anybody can be a volunteer, it takes nothing more than compassion and a desire to change the lives of others. In honor of National Volunteer Month, we are sharing ways that volunteering will brighten your life, as well as the lives of others.

Save Lives

From assisting with fundraising to visiting children in the hospital, volunteers help save lives by filling a need. Kids with cancer find hope and encouragement in knowing that others care about them enough to help them fight for their lives. The events that raise funds to fight childhood cancer always need volunteers to continue the success of our foundation.

Build Community

The social impact of volunteering is endless. By working together for a greater purpose, you empower others and strengthen the bond of the community. The relationships you form will be everlasting and truly transform a community for the better.

Make Memories

Nobody forgets a person who puts a smile on their face. Kids with cancer face difficult days while undergoing treatment and anyone who can brighten their day will find a spot in their heart forever. These are memories that will last a lifetime.

Every hour that you spend as a volunteer for a charity will make a difference for someone. At TOKC, our volunteers and DoThatOneThing! members get a once in a lifetime chance to inspire and be inspired by the children they help save.

If you are interested in changing the lives of children fighting the ultimate fight, please email us or call us at 361-883-8652.

5 Ways to Blossom with TOKC

Grow with TOKC

Over the years, TOKC has become a spirit of hope for children and families fighting pediatric cancer. The tree in our logo embodies this spirit, symbolizing life and strength that grows steadfast in the face of challenges, just like the patients we fight for.


With the help of our supporters and their donations, we’ve funded over $3 million of research to improve the treatment and survivability of pediatric cancer. Because our supporters have helped us to grow into what we are today, we wanted to give you some ways for you to blossom with us!

  1. Invest in a Good Cause

Donations help fuel the spirit of hope that TOKC provides to kids with cancer. Any donation helps close the gap in research funding that these kids desperately need.

  1. Focus on Helping Others

Positively impacting the lives of those in need has been proven to foster happiness. Helping others and volunteering your time promotes a greater sense of community and purpose. You can volunteer to help spread awareness about pediatric cancer or help us fundraise to increase the survivability and treatment of pediatric cancers.

  1. Believe in Yourself

Trust your ability to achieve your goals and make a positive impact in the world. Look to individuals, like pediatric cancer patients, who have faced impossible challenges to show you that anything is possible!

  1. Face Your Fears

Conquering even our smallest fears prove that you have the strength to overcome obstacles. The patients that we work with embody this strength, carrying the weight of unimaginable circumstance with a smile on their face. If they can, so can you!

  1. Be Mindful of Yourself and Others

Focusing on the moment helps you appreciate what you have. With this perspective, we are better equipped to take on the world and help others that are in need.


We hope that in your growth, you help others like pediatric cancer patients blossom into the inspiring adults they hope to be one day. By helping TOKC, you can provide funds necessary for research to end pediatric cancer and make these kids’ hope a reality.

Spread the Love with TOKC

Spread the Love

We at TOKC work hard year-round to show our love for our community and the children that we fight to save. In honor of valentine season, we invite you to help share the love with TOKC in these simple ways:


Make a Patient Your Valentine

Help lift their spirits by making a pediatric cancer patient your valentine. Write a letter, get some holiday candy and deliver them to a patient and watch their face light up with love! For information on patients to make your valentine, please contact us.


Fundraise the Love

You can help spread the love by fundraising for TOKC in your community. Plan an event or sell valentine – themed items to raise funds for TOKC and our mission. Here are some helpful starters:

  • Host a community couples party dinner party with admission benefiting TOKC
  • Sell chocolates and flowers to benefit TOKC
  • Sell love cards and poems that benefit TOKC


Donate in the Name of a Loved One

This year make donations to TOKC in the name of your valentine. Together, you and your significant other can commit to sharing your love with those in need. Any amount helps make our mission a possibility.


We have an endless amount of love to give and there are countless ways it can be expressed. Take this valentine season to help TOKC spread the love to pediatric cancer patients.

New Year, New Triumph

Ringing in the New Year with TOKC

New Year, New Triumph in white lettering on blue background with gold streamers

January is all about making positive progress. This year, our New Year’s resolution is to raise more awareness and funding for pediatric cancer than ever before. But we need your help. By committing your resolutions to TOKC, together we can accomplish a greater purpose by helping those battling pediatric cancer!

How to Help:

So you’ve decided to commit your resolution to our cause. But where do you start? Here are some helpful, simple suggestions to get the ball rolling:

  1. Donate

Donations don’t have to be big to make a difference. Try donating a week’s worth of coffee purchases every couple of months. Any amount helps fund research into pediatric cancer.

  1. Volunteer

Try trading a few hours of T.V. a month and volunteer for TOKC. Not only does it help raise awareness, it’s a lot of fun too! Check out some of our recent volunteer work.

  1. Fundraise

Renew some of your forgotten weekend hobbies into fundraising efforts for TOKC! With everything from toga parties to lemonade stands, there countless ways to help a great cause.

Some resolutions are hard to make stick. But with TOKC, your effort won’t be wasted. Choose to make your New Year’s resolution with Triumph Over Kid Cancer and make an everlasting change in the lives of pediatric cancer patients.

5 Ways to Give Joy This Holiday with TOKC

#DoThatOneThing for Kids with Cancer

Christmas is the time of year we can lift the spirits of those who need it most. Here are 5 ways to #DoThatOneThing and bring joy to pediatric cancer patients.

  1. Send a card or letter to a pediatric cancer patient

Kids with cancer suffer both isolation from their family and physical effects of their disease. A simple letter can help brighten their holiday. You can make a difference by sending letters to TOKC at 723 Coleman Ave, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401.

  1. Learn about pediatric cancer

Simply learning about pediatric cancer helps raise awareness for these diseases and allows you to become the voice patients can’t provide on their own. Here are helpful links to get started:

  1. Organize your own fundraiser with TOKC

You can bring joy to kids with cancer this holiday by organizing your own fundraiser with TOKC. From golf tournaments to toga parties, there is always exciting ways to volunteer and we’re here to help every step of the way!

  1. Charitable giving to support pediatric cancer research

Big or small, donations are essential to increase the survivability of pediatric cancer. Also, the TOKC shop is filled with gifts that give back, with proceeds going directly back to research funding.

  1. Volunteer with TOKC to raise awareness

Volunteering your time is a great way to help kids with cancer. TOKC believes it’s the Texas communities that help drive the success of our foundation. Email TOKC to have your name added to our volunteer list!


Even better, all monies raised through charitable giving and volunteering in benefit of TOKC is matched dollar-for-dollar! So, take today to #DoThatOneThing and spread joy to children with cancer!

Charitable Giving with TOKC

Gift Hope to Pediatric Cancer Patients

The holidays are here! During this time we get to express our love through gift giving. How can you make this holiday even more special? Through charitable giving with Triumph Over Kid Cancer!

Give Gifts With a Greater Purpose

Triumph Over Kid Cancer Christmas Ornaments in gold

Through charitable giving, you make a positive impact on the kids and families battling childhood cancer. Your donations and purchases from our shop help fund research to find a cure for pediatric cancer, helping extend the lives of these children and giving them hope for their future.  Here are a couple of our favorite gift ideas which will continue to raise awareness and support for our cause!

  • Christmas Ornaments – create a special holiday memory!
  • Stuffed Animals – a new friend for your little loved one!
  • Stocking Stuffers –phone covers and wristbands as low as $1!

You Get a Tax Deduction

Donations to a qualified charitable organization, like Triumph Over Kid Cancer, are tax-deductible. Learn more about deducting your charitable contribution and don’t forget to file your Form 1040!

You Help Fund Pediatric Cancer Research

All your contributions to Triumph Over Kid Cancer help fund a million dollar project that gives researchers greater insight into pediatric cancer. MD Anderson Cancer Center also matches our funding dollar-for-dollar. This means your support helps find new treatments and ultimately extends the lives of kids with cancer, giving them the chance for even more holidays to come.

Mark some names off your holiday gift list! Shop from our store or give a donation today!



TOKC’s DoThatOneThing Holiday Workshop

Our DoThatOneThing Holiday Workshop

TOKC and our DoThatOneThing Councils are ramping up the holiday fun with our holiday workshop!

DoThatOneThing Council at TOKC's Holiday Workshop

This past Saturday, members of the DoThatOneThing Council helped spread the season’s cheer through our holiday workshop. Council members from 10 different schools got together at the First United Methodist Church to use their creativity for a good cause. These holiday helpers spent their time decorating miniature Christmas trees, stockings, and Hannukkah banners. In the spirit of giving, every decoration was gifted to kids with cancer in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Houston. This display of generosity helped raise awareness for childhood cancers, an essential first step to ending its influence over our children’s lives. Most notably, this show of kindness helped raise the spirits of the kids and families battling pediatric cancer during this holiday season.  This goes to show the amazing and life-changing impact that volunteering can have on the lives of kids with cancer.


TOKC would also like to recognize all of our sponsors that have helped us throughout the year. Each and every one has helped advance funding for childhood cancer research. With every dollar, we are one step closer to increasing the survivability of pediatric cancer. We would like to make a special thank you to HEB’s Tournament of Champions for their continued spirit of giving.


Still haven’t had your fill of good feelings? Check out KIII-TV’s coverage of our holiday workshop here!

Sausage Sale to Support Children’s Cancer Foundation

A Savory Treat to Support TOKC

It was only a few short years ago that Mr. Sanchez lost his granddaughter, Elissa, to pediatric cancer. AlthElissa Longriaough he has endured suffering from his loss, he is fighting back in the best way he knows how. This year, Mr. Sanchez is going to #DoThatOneThing and raise funds for Triumph Over Kid Cancer by selling his very own summer sausage and jerky.

Mr. Sanchez knew that he wanted to do something in honor and memory of Elissa. He also knew that he wanted to take action against incurable childhood cancers like the one that took his beloved granddaughter. In the words of Mr. Sanchez, cancer doesn’t sleep, “so I don’t either”. As a result, Mr. Sanchez got to work, spending his free time prepping, cooking and packaging his Summer sausage to be sold during the holiday season.

Only USDA certified pork roast and beef is used for all of the summer sausage and jerky. In addition, 100% of the proceeds go directly to TOKC to help better the lives of kids with cancer.


Summer Sausage is available in the following:

  • 3 lb link for $45.00
  • 1/2 link for $23.00
  • 1/3 link for $15.00

Jerky comes in both turkey and beef at $10.00 per 5oz bag.

If you would like to place an order and help in the fight against children’s cancer please call or email your order to:

  • 361-883-8652
  • TOKC@triumphoverkidcancer.org